Unit 1

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Cook's Book - Cook Book Review Assignment

You have already learned the necessary parts of a recipe, the different formats it can follow and how to change its yield. Now you will apply your knowledge and critically review 3 professional cookbooks.
The Review
1.       You will select 3 cookbooks from the class or the Library resource section to carefully   
          evaluate and explain, where needed, each book using the criteria below:
a)      Title
b)      Author
c)       Visual Appeal: cover & inside the book- pictures, title, colour
d)      Theme: diet specific, cultural, specific foods...
e)      Format: style & is it clear and easy to read
f)       Suitability: i) are ingredients & tools available to you?
                        ii) are the techniques easy or difficult to perform?
                        iii) are the recipes quick or time consuming?
                        iv) are recipes economical or expensive?

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