Unit 1

Monday, October 18, 2010

Food Labelling

* Questions and Assignment*

Text: Food for Life ~ pg. 100-103

1.    How are labels in Canada regulated? (1)

2.    What information must be on a label by Canadian Law? (4)

3.    Why do you think it is important to list the ingredients in order of amounts? (1)

4.    What is the purpose of nutritional labelling? (1)

5.    What is RDI? (1)

6.    We all need different amounts of vitamins and minerals so why was the RDI established? (1)

7.    What do the following terms mean? (3)
a)    Nutritional Information:

b)    Serving Size:

c)    Energy:

8. Choose a food product to create. Design a food label with at least ten different pieces of information on it. Due: _________________________.  (Application,Communication)

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